Make an extra £4k+ per month without needing to find investors or deal with ongoing support. Simply secure the deal and get paid.



As a co-sourcer, you simply need to find and secure property deals. Ideally, we require these deals to be off-market opportunities. Here's an idea of the criteria we have for our deals:


15-20%+ BMV

20%+ Return on Investment

15%+ Profit Margin on Flips

All deals sent must have achieved at least one of the above criteria 


In order to send the deal out to our list of Investors, we have a set criteria that we need from you. If this information is not provided, we will not be able to sell the deal. We will need you to complete this form to submit the deal to us​

Assess the deal

Once we have the deal we will then assess it and make sure that it is of a high calibre in order to send it out to our Investors.

sell the deal

After all the information is gathered and the checks have been done, we will then send your deal out to our mailing list. Once the deal exchanges contracts, we will pay 1/3 of the Finders Fee to you.






When your deal is stacked up, secured and ready to go, suibmit all the details here and one of the team will be in touch.


Get access to our simple deal calculator to make sure the numbers stack before submitting your deal to us.


Co-Sourcing provides you with the opportunity to learn the most valuable skill in the entire property industry, finding deals. This is a skill that not many people have but everyone wants.


Co-Sourcing provides you with the chance to hone this skill without needing to outlay any cash or find your own investors/clients.


You also don't need to worry about compliance as when someone sells a deal through Find My Houses, we deal with the compliance of selling deals.

You can make an incredible income from Co-Sourcing and focus on the exciting part of finding, negotiating and securing great deals! It's fast, it's simple and most of all, it's a skill that can earn you a six figure income.